Fouka Bay Village, North Coast, Development of Egypt

 Tatweer Misr has succeeded in redefining the upscale lifestyle through its construction of Fouka Bay North Coast Village is a fully-fledged tourist village with a direct view of the shore of the Red Sea, characterized by its turquoise waters.

If you want to live in an environment where there is a balance between picturesque nature and modern design to combine magic with reality and create unforgettable memories with your family, choose Fouka Bay North Coast ، Designed specifically for you.

About Fouka Bay North Coast Village

Owning a residential unit in Fouka Bay Ras El Hekma It is an exceptional residential experience that provides you with life all year round in front of the sea with a moderate climate. This is due to the construction of the village on the shore of the Red Sea, the most beautiful beach in Ayal Sokhna, which is distinguished by its turquoise waters and beautiful, soft sand. This means that you will live in a non-hot summer and a warm winter.

Fouka Bay North Coast location

There are many advantages to be found in Fouka Bay north coast، However, the vital strategic location is one of its most important features, as it is located on kilometer 211 of the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road, overlooking the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast, and it is close to all basic and recreational facilities and services, and the village is close to the following areas:


  • Matrouh cityThe village is 75 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh.
  • New Alamein: drifting away Fouka Bay North Coast From New Alamein City, it is only 132 square kilometers away.
  • Fouka RoadThe project approaches the entrance to Fouka Road, which connects New Alamein City, Marsa Matruh, and Cairo.
  • Tourist villages: approaching Fouka Bay North CoastFrom several tourist villages, such as Hacienda Bay Village, La Vista Ras El Hekma, and Coast 82 Coast..

Fouka Bay project area

has been created Fouka Bay North Coast With a direct, charming view of the Red Sea beach, over a huge area, which Tatweer Misr was keen to carefully divide into residential units on the one hand, and basic and recreational facilities and services on the other hand, and this area is represented in the following:


  • The total area: The total area of Luka Bay is around 194 acres.
  • Building area: Approx. has been allocated20% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and residential units
  • Green spaces and landscape: The Misr Development Company allocated a percentage80% Of the total area of ​​green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and various recreational facilities. 

Advantages of Fouka Bay North Coast Village

There are many features found in Foucka Bay New Sahel, This is what attracted the attention of customers to obtain residential units in the project, in addition to the project’s enjoyment of all basic and recreational services. The project’s features are as follows:


  • Wide green spaces green spaces and landscapes occupy a large area of...Fouka Bay North Coast VillageIn order to provide suitable and comfortable places for customers to hang out, entertain, and enjoy comfort and enjoyment.
  • Bodies of Water: The color blue was an important element in a number of fountains, waterfalls, and crystal lagoons withinFouka BayIn order for customers to feel comfortable and relaxed
  • swimming pool Tatweer Misr Company provided swimming pools in different shapes and sizes. Suitable for children and adults, and covered swimming pools for women only, to provide them with the necessary privacy.
  • Kids AriaTatweer Misr Real Estate Company was keen to provide entertainment areas for children, full of various games. To ensure their safety and preservation.
  • Security The company that owns the project was keen to provide a security system that operates around the clock, which would preserve the safety of customers and their property, through the presence of a highly trained security staff, in addition to the presence of electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the village.
  • Hospitals: This is characterized by Fouka Bay Village There are a number of hospitals equipped with the latest and best medical equipment, and a large number of experienced doctors, equipped to receive emergency cases, in addition to the availability of a number of ambulances.
  • Various playgrounds resort provide many sports fields, such as football and tennis courts, so that customers get enough entertainment and entertainment.
  • Shops: Containsfouka Bay North Coast It is located in a huge commercial area, which includes many restaurants and cafes that provide the best services with the highest level of sophistication. There is also a hypermarket that provides the food products necessary for customers during their stay.
  • Car garageThe village provides huge garages that can accommodate a large number of cars, which helps maintain the order and calm of the village streets.
  • Electric liftsThe company is developing the project and is keen to provide electric elevators, in order to facilitate movement within the resort’s buildings while providing regular maintenance for them.
  • Various services: Available inside Fouka Bay North Coast Various services, such as daily cleaning service for all units, in addition to providing fast internet services and periodic maintenance.
  • Fouka Bay chart: came in foucka Bay master plan  A vision for Fouka Bay that combines simplicity and contemporary. The master plan for Fouka Bay includes a beach center, white sandy beaches, a huge business center, a luxury spa, and waterways that connect the islands to each other.


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Details of the units in Fouka Bay North Coast village

The forces of engineering and architectural creativity came together Fouka Bay North Coast To show us a project with integrated pillars and services, with a unique and sophisticated design that suits the modern era, as well as clear and exemplary planning for its implementation according to the latest international standards.


Types of units in Fouka Bay North Coast

Includes Fouka Bay project A diverse number of units with different spaces that Tatweer Misr was keen to divide in a luxurious and sophisticated manner so that customers could benefit from all the spaces in them. It was divided into 4 stages, which made it the best and first choice for many customers. The units in the village are represented as follows: :

  • Chalets.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.

Unit space in Fouka Bay North Coast

The space of the units inside Fouka Bay Tatweer Misr is Very diverse, to suit those who love nature and enjoy the fresh air, as 90% of the residential units have a direct view of the Red Sea, to help customers spend ideal times and feel comfortable and luxurious. The area of ​​​​the units in the project is as follows:

  • Chalet spaces: The area of ​​the chalets begins In Fouka Bay, North Coast 125 square meters, up to160 Square meters.
  • Twin house spacesTwin house space starts from 195 Square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces The Townhouse area starts from 140 Square meters.
  • Independent villasThe area of ​​independent villas starts from 282 Square meters.

Design of units in Fouka Bay North Coast Village

 I showed Foucka Bay photos It is like an exceptional jewel in the arms of nature, as it combines natural beauty with contemporary luxury in its design. The design of the units in the project is as follows:

  • All units come with a lively, refreshing view directly on the sea.
  • All units come with a special aesthetic character that blends modern European decor for all those looking for Chalet for sale in Fouka Bay North Coast.


Fouka Bay North Coast prices

Tatweer Misr Company has provided a variety of prices that suit all classes, as well as a range of different prices that suit the various units in the village, with their small and large areas, where prices startFouka Bay North Coast from7.000.000 Pounds. Unit prices in the village are as follows:



Chalet prices start from3.881.000 fairy

Twin house

The price of a twin house is:5.760.000 fairy

Independent villas

Villa prices start from12.573.000 fairy

Payment systems and payment methods in Fouka Bay North Coast

She got the developed of Misr Fouka Bay  By providing easy and flexible payment systems that suit a large category of customers so that it is easy for them to obtain the housing unit they dream of. The payment systems are as follows:


  • to push a 15% Down payment, and the remaining amount will be paid in installments for 6 Years.
  • to push a 25% Down payment from the total unit price and the remaining amount is paid in installments 6 Years.
  • to push a 35% Down payment from the total unit price, and the rest is paid in installments Years.


The company that owns the Fouka Bay North Coast project

was founded by Egypt Development Company In 2014, it is the real estate developer of Fouka Bay North Despite this, it has occupied a prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market, and is looking to expand into various investment sectors. It is famous for its great achievements, the timely delivery of projects, and its designs that combine simplicity and architectural elegance.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Fouka Bay Village

Tatweer Misr Company was keen to implement its projects in the best strategic and vital locations, it has tremendous achievements in the Egyptian real estate market, it has many projects in important areas, as the company announced that its mission is to provide new real estate solutions and luxury life based on sound environmental foundations in various sectors, which is what makes it The ideal choice for many clients, and the company’s precedent is as follows:


  • Monte Galala Ain Sokhna project.
  • Bloomfields Compound New Cairo.
  • The Views Compound, New Cairo.
  • De Bay Village, North Coast.
  • Salt Village, North Coast.
  • Via Ain Sokhna Village.
  • Marina Residence IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.
  • De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound.

PrepareFouka Bay North Coast Village  It is one of Tatweer Misr’s latest projects in the Ain Sokhna area, and it offers its residents an exceptional life with the Red Sea, with its turquoise waters and soft white sand, in addition to containing various units of different sizes to suit different tastes.

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