Dose North Coast

Dose North Coast, is attested by many for its professional design and diverse services, which provide a summer experience that combines tranquility, privacy, and fun at the same time.


In the following article, we learn about the latest developments in Dose North Coast, the types of units available in it, as well as prices and payment methods, in addition to the design of the units and the features available in them.

Dose North Coast

Dos village is consideredOne of the 2023 projects Which ensures that you get the amount of comfort, luxury and relaxation you want, thanks to the services and features available in the village, which are difficult to find in any other resort.


Dose North Coast includes many resort units, with different sizes and affordable prices, as well as several payment, installment and repayment systems, which gives you the opportunity to choose the payment method that suits your financial capabilities.

Location of Dose North Coast

The Doss project is located in the most luxurious areas of the North Coast ever, as it is specifically located at Kilometer 174 on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road, thus being close to many places that make it easy for customers to move to and from the project from anywhere, and these areas include the following:

  • El Alamein AirportEl Alamein Airport is about 23 kilometers away from the project.
  • Dabaa Road exitThe distance between the resort and the Dabaa Road exit is about 3 minutes.
  • CairoCairo is about 280 kilometers away from Dos North Coast Resort.
  • Fouka RoadThe project is very close to the main Fouka road.
  • Marsa MatrouhMarsa Matruh can be reached within one hour, as it is only about 40 minutes away from the resort.
  • Nearby compounds: Dose North Coast is adjacent to new villages on the North Coast, including La Vista Bay Village and The Waterway North Coast.

DOS spaceNorth Coast

The biggest factor in increasing the interest of Akam’s clients in purchasing summer units in the village of Dos, North Coast, was its large area. The resort was built on an area that was able to accommodate many services and features, as well as different units, and it was divided with great care and professionalism. The division of the resort was as follows:

  • The total area: reached an areaThe Douz North Coast project is about 125 acres.
  • green areasThe largest share of the project area was green spaces, as it occupied 70% of the total project area. It is worth noting that the area of ​​the artificial lakes and fountains reached about 9 acres.
  • Village viewThe village overlooks a charming beach, about 450 square meters long and 1,000 kilometers deep.

Features of Dos North Coast Resort

The level of service and available features is considered one of the factors that attract customers to any resort, and therefore the real estate developer is keen to provide a diverse package of services that capture the hearts of its customers, and among these services are the following:

  • hotelThere is a unique style hotel, which includes a large number of wonderful hotel rooms. The hotel managers are keen to provide a high level of service to all guests.
  • swimming pool: There is The project has a large number of swimming pools, varying in depth and shape. To suit young and old as well as ladies.
  • Walking trailsFor those who like to practice some sports activities in the morning, there are many walking paths, surrounded by green spaces from every direction.
  • Security and guarding: Al Rajhi project on the North Coast has a high level of security and safety, as a result of the availability of a large number of security personnel, in addition to high-quality and technical cameras, in addition to advanced electronic gates.
  • social ClubThe social club located in Dos Village, North Coast, allows for the establishment of many social relationships between the project’s families, thanks to the activities it supervises.
  • Golf carTo make it easier for customers to move around Dose North Coast, more than one golf car has been provided to serve all customers.
  • medical CenterCustomer safety is a top priority for the real estate developer, which is why a medical center was built with international standards, which includes many different medical specialties. There are also clinics and pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
  • GarageTo prevent crowding and distort the general view of Dos North Coast Resort, a large garage was constructed, accommodating the largest possible number of cars, and secured with modern surveillance cameras.
  • Restaurants and cafesYou can enjoy delicious local and international food and drinks in the Food Court area of ​​the village, which includes a series of the most famous international stores.
  • Convention HallIt is not difficult for businessmen to carry out their tasks within the village, as there are conference halls equipped with all technological technologies, which help them hold meetings easily.
  • Maintenance Services: Technicians work inside the village of Dos North Coast to maintain the facilities on a regular basis. To prevent any malfunction that affects the operation of the resort’s facilities.
  • WifiThere is an open Wi-Fi network for all customers, which also helps them accomplish their tasks easily.
  • Reception serviceThere are receptionists in the village, whose mission is to overcome all obstacles that customers may face. They also work to guide new customers and provide them with all assistance.
  • Shopping mallFor lovers of shopping and purchasing, there is a huge mall, which includes many shops for the most famous and important international brands and brands, as well as local ones.

Details of the units in Dos North Coast

The Dose North Coast project carries within it many wonderful details, starting from the diversity of its summer and residential units, passing through the varying and varied unit sizes, all the way to the wonderful and amazing unit designs.


Akam Real Estate Development Company was keen to offer the project units at competitive prices, which would help increase customer demand for it, especially in light of the availability of all the services and facilities that all customers need.

Types of units in the Dos North Coast project

The Akam Al Rajhi North Coast project - Doss - included many different types of units, including the following:

  • Chalets.
  • Hotel Appartments.
  • Twin house.
  • Townhouse.
  • Independent villas.

Area of ​​units in Dos Village, North Coast

The aim of the diversity of the resort units was to meet the requirements of all customers and achieve a quiet and stable life, but this will only be achieved by providing these units with different sizes. In order to be compatible with the number of family members, to include the following:

  • The chalet area is one roomThe area of ​​the chalet, which consists of one bedroom, bathroom, reception, and kitchen, starts from 68 square meters.
  • The chalet has two roomsThe area of ​​the chalets consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, a reception area, and a kitchen starts from 98 square meters.
  • The chalet has 3 roomsThe chalet, which consists of 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, reception, and kitchen, has an area of ​​about 126 square meters.
  • Area of ​​hotel apartmentsThe area of ​​the one-bedroom hotel apartments, a kitchen and a bathroom, is 68 square metres, while the area of ​​the three-room apartments starts at 135 square metres, and reaches 143 square metres.
  • Townhouse spaceTownhouse areas range between 127 and 356 square meters.
  • Twin house spaceTwin house areas within Dos North Coast Resort start from 213 square meters and reach 229 square metres.
  • Area of ​​independent villasSpeaking of independent villas in Dos Village, North Coast, it is worth noting that they are located in areas ranging between 258 and 333 square meters.

Unit design at Dose North Coast Resort

The Akam North Coast project was designed in a way that gives its residents a feeling of distinction. It is a mixture of local and international architectural forms, bearing the character of modernity and luxury at the same time. The project design is clearly shown in the following:

  • 60% of the resort units overlook directly the sea, and 30% of the units have a panoramic view of the sea water as well, while only 10% of these units overlook the swimming pools.
  • Dos North Coast Village was designed in a very elegant and beautiful architectural way, as it was built on high terraces, which makes seeing the sea easy and enjoyable.
  • The real estate developer was interested in giving the resort's residents the necessary safety and privacy, so he worked to leave green partitions between each unit.

Dos North Coast project prices

The prices of Dos North Coast Village come to complete the journey of distinguished services provided by Akam Real Estate Development Company, as it offered the units at prices that are difficult to find in the various North Coast companies, including


The price of a one-room chalet

He reached approx1.938.000 fairy.

The price of a two-room chalet

arrived to2.690.000 fairy.

The price of a 3-room chalet

He reached approx3.140.000 fairy.

The price of a one-room hotel apartment

Arrived to2.240.000 fairy.

The price of a two-room hotel apartment

I reached approx2.960.000 fairy.

The price of a 3-room hotel apartment

Starting from3.980.000 fairy.

Townhouse prices

Starting from5.900.000 pounds, up to6.200.000 fairy.

Twin house price

I reached approx8.500.000 fairy.

Independent villa prices

I reached approx18.000.000 fairy

Installment and payment systems at Dos North Coast Resort

The payment and installment systems have greatly supported the Al Rajhi North Coast project, and the number of people coming to buy a unit in the project has increased remarkably, due to the ease of installment of the unit amount and paying it over long periods. The payment and installment systems include in detail the following:

  • Without down payment, the amount of any unit the customer chooses is paid in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment of the unit value, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 7 years.
  • Pay 5% down payment upon contracting, pay another 5% after one year, and pay the rest of the unit price in installments over 6 years.
  • Pay 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay another 5% one year after contracting, with the rest of the amount to be paid in equal installments over 7 years.
  • Pay 15% of the total unit price as a down payment, and pay another 5% one year after contracting, with the rest of the amount to be paid in equal installments over 8 years.

The real estate developer of the Doss North Coast project

Akam Real Estate Development Company is the company responsible for developing Doss Village on the North Coast, and it is considered one of the largest leading companies with a great reputation in the real estate field. The real estate developer has more than 30 years of experience, through which it has been able to create a new style of excellence through a group of wonderful real estate projects.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Dos Village, North Coast

Al Rajhi project in the North Coast - Dos Village - one of the developed company’s many projects, which also include the following:

  • Scene 7 Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Scenario project for the new administrative capital.
  • Enava Mall, New Administrative Capital.


Invest in the North Coast now, by purchasing one of the units of Dos North Coast Village, where you can rent the unit at different periods throughout the year, taking advantage of the village’s distinctive location, the services available there, in addition to the distinctive and wonderful design of the units.