De Joya Compound Sheikh Zayed

De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed It is one of the strongest compounds within the most lively areas of 6th of October City and in the best area in Sheikh Zayed, which is the New Zayed area, which was launched by one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and the Arab world, which is Taj Misr Real Estate Development and Investment Company.

If you are looking for an exceptional residential complex and a high-quality and distinguished life, thenDe Joya New ZayedIt is the most suitable and best for you, as it is the ideal choice for everyone looking for comfort and luxury, due to its distinctive location and the diversity of its spaces and designs.

كمبوند دي جويا الشيخ زايد

About De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Prepare De Joya Residence Compound It is one of the finest residential compounds that provides its residents with a unique residential experience away from the traditional lifestyle and its routine. The units were built with European-style architectural designs, which reflects the feeling of luxury and sophistication that everyone is looking for.


Location of De Joya Residence Compound

I managedTaj Misr Company Choosing a vital and strategic location for De Joya Compound، It is located in Sheikh Zayed City، It is located directly on the Alexandria Desert RoadHClose to the most important vital areas, hubs and main roads، That helps The customer can reach anywhere he wants in record time، The compound is close to the following areas:

  • Sixth of October City:De Joya Compound is adjacent to 6th of October City.
  • Residential compounds:De Joya is close to the most famous compounds, including the Sodic West Compound and the Emaar Bel Zayed project.
  • Alahli football club:The compound is located 11 minutes from Al Ahly Club.
  • Arab mall:The compound is located 17 minutes away.
  • Sphinx International Airport: De Joya Compound is located directly in front of Sphinx Airport.
  • Dabaa Road:The compound is located on Dabaa Road.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Area of ​​De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed

Designed De Goya Project On a huge area, and divided correctly so that all units have modern designs and panoramic windows overlooking a wide green area, which gives you the feeling that you are living in Europe, while taking care to leave an appropriate distance between each house and another, which provides all residents with unparalleled privacy, This is a basic requirement that all customers are looking for, and the compound’s area is as follows:

  • The total area: The total area ofDe Goya around90 acre.
  • Building area: The owning company allocated a percentage20% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscape:The area allocated to gardens and green spaces is estimated at80% of the total area of ​​the compound, which allowed the provision of many entertainment services.


Features of the new De Joya Zayed project

Embodies The new Joya Zayed A new achievement for the companythe crown Misr Real Estate Development has chosen a distinctive location for it in the most strategic location in the new Sheikh Zayed area, which is close to all facilities, services, areas and main axes, in addition to many other features. The project’s advantages are as follows:

  • Vast green patch: A large percentage of the total land area within the compound is green space with its picturesque views that reflect a feeling of tranquility and comfort, in addition to various bodies of water, including water fountains that operate around the clock in various forms.
  • Mosque:Taj Misr Company was keen to establish a large mosque inside De Joya Compound in the Islamic style to include the largest number of worshipers.
  • alarms: To maintain the safety of residents inside De Joya Compound and to protect against fire dangers and avoid loss of life and property, the owner company was keen to install modern alarms and fire extinguishers inside all units.
  • Electric lifts :Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide modern electric elevators within the compound, which help in moving easily between floors so as not to cause any trouble to the residents.
  • KidsAriaDe Joya Compound provides a designated area for children that contains various amusement parks and games for their entertainment and enjoyment, in addition to allocating a parking area for mothers and fathers.
  • infrastructure: De Joya Compound is distinguished by its distinguished infrastructure, which includes all basic services, including electricity and sewage networks.
  • swimming poolThe compound provides swimming pools of different types and sizes to suit all ages, in addition to providing covered bathrooms for women to give them more privacy and safety.
  • GymsThe compound provides gyms equipped with the best and latest sports equipment and an elite group of sports trainers to maintain residents’ health and fitness.
  • Various services: Available inside De Joya Various services, such as cleaning service throughout the day for all units and places in the resort, and setting up a sophisticated system to dispose of garbage in a healthy manner.
  • Restaurants:Taj Misr Company provides it within De Joya Compoundgroup One of the best and most elegant restaurants that offers you a variety of Eastern and Western dishes with the highest level of service.
  • Electric lifts: There are a number of electric elevators within the compound to facilitate the process of moving from one building to another for customers, in addition to carrying out regular maintenance on them to maintain customer safety.
  • Security services: There are 24-hour security services inside the compound, by providing every place in the compound with modern surveillance cameras to monitor everything that goes on there.
  • Recreation area: Inside the compound there is an entertainment area that contains all the games for children for their enjoyment, well-being, and maximum enjoyment.


New Zayed features

There are many advantages to itNew Zayed Among them is that it is an upscale interface for all clients and investors who are looking for a successful investment, and thus the supply and demand for residential units in the region increases, in addition to the possibility of achieving high investment returns by selling or renting residential units.

Details of units in De Joya New Zayed

Taj Misr Real Estate Development and Investment Company was keen to offerDe Joya Zayed Project With a design that is similar in beauty to international designs, the units were designed with a mixture of modernity and luxury, in order to suit the elite of society and those with good taste, which made the compound achieve the most difficult equation that many customers who want to own luxury residential units are searching for a solution.

Types of units in De Joya Compound, Sheikh Zayed

We find that mostNew Zayed projects It provides residential units that meet all the various requirements and needs that most customers desire, through the luxurious design of the compounds with the finest and most beautiful international models, in addition to average prices that suit different classes. The units within De Joya Compound are as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Twin house.
  • Villas.
  • Fault.

Unit area inDe Joya New Zayed

UniqueSheikh Zayed Real Estate With its diversity and large and small spaces, the company that owns the De Joya project was able to provide a quiet life away from noise and crowding. The areas of the units in the project are as follows:

  • Apartment spaces: starting spacesApartments for sale in De Joya, Sheikh Zayedfrom110 And reach120 Square meters.
  • Twin house spaces:Twin house spaces start from230 And reach me275 Square meters.
  • Villa areas: Villa areas start from275 And reach me485 Square meters.


Modular design inDe Joya Zayed Project

De Joya Sheikh Zayed Compound includes units with innovative designs inspired by the beauty of nature in Sheikh Zayed City, which contributed to creating a strong contemporary identity, while adding a modern touch that gave a lot of vitality to the project, which ultimately provides the life that any client dreams of in the complex. Integrated residential, the design of the units is as follows:

  • The design of De Joya Compound is characterized by an architectural design in a unique European style, keeping pace with the latest international standards in the Egyptian real estate market.
  • Taj Misr Company, the developer of the project, cooperated with a group of the best engineering consultants in the world, to provide units with sufficient luxury, beauty and modernity for all its customers.

New De Joya Zayed project prices

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in providingApartments for sale in De Joya, Sheikh Zayed An upscale destination that satisfies all customers looking for luxury and sophistication, taking care to offer a group of diverse residential units in terms of area and prices that suit all categories. The unit prices in the compound are as follows:



start Prices Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed, small spaces from3.250.000 fairy

Twin house

Twin house prices start from9.000.000 fairy.


Villa prices start from11.400.000 fairy.


Palace prices start from22.000.000 fairy


Payment system and payment methods at De Joya New Zayed

Taj Misr Real Estate Development and Investment Company has provided an easy and flexible payment system, in addition to facilities in the payment plan, to enable many customers to choose the appropriate residential unit for them, in addition to that the units are received within 3 years from the date of signing the contracts, and this system is represented in the following :

  • to push 10% provided by the total unit price, Then pay the remaining amount 10 Years.

The company that owns the new De Joya Zayed project

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company is one of the most important companies in the real estate market in Egypt. It was established in 2006, and has a proud history filled with many achievements in the field of real estate, through which it was able to engrave its name, establish its own distinctive mark, and gain the trust of customers. It looks forward to expanding its projects as it It was not limited to residential projects only, but also turned to administrative and commercial projects.

The most important works of Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company

Taj Misr Real Estate Company was able to launch a group of diverse projects in several different regions, such as 6th of October City, the Administrative Capital, and Sheikh Zayed, which meet the needs of different sectors of the market. The company’s previous work is as follows:

  • De Joya Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • De Joya 2 Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
  • De Joya 3 Compound in the Administrative Capital.
  • Taj Tower, New Administrative Capital.
  • Ezdan Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Panasonic Tower.
  • Chain tower.
  • De Joya Street Mall.
  • Tower on Al-Hajjar Street, Mohandiseen.
  • Landmark Tourism Company.
  • United Agricultural Investment Company.
  • The American School in Sheikh Zayed.


Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company was able to leave its distinctive, creative mark on the compoundDe Joya Sheikh ZayedWhich made it an icon of calm, peace and stability in the new Sheikh Zayed City, in addition to its various residential units with their dazzling designs and competitive prices.

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