Taj City New Cairo Compound

If you are looking for tranquility and comfort, as well as being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, achieving autonomy and benefiting from all the services and features as if you were still in your home, there is no doubt that your best choice is Taj City Fifth Settlement Compound.

Taj City Compound

The Taj City Settlement project is considered one of the best real estate projects in Egypt, according to the volume of sales achieved by the company developing it in 2017, which reached approximately 990 million pounds. This percentage also increased and exceeded the barrier of one billion pounds in the following year, and this is a result of its inclusion. Many wonderful services and features, whether entertainment, basic and residential services.

Where is Taj City Compound located?

Taj City Compound is located in the most prestigious locations in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement area, near the Suez Road. The Fifth Settlement has now become one of the most vital areas ever, supported by the best infrastructure, and surrounded by various services and facilities from all sides, and this is what the company developing the Taj City project was keen on doing; To attract the largest possible number of customers and investors, especially since the compound is close to many important areas, such as:

  • Cairo airportCairo Airport is only about 10 minutes away from Taj City New Cairo Compound.
  • ninth StreetThe project is close to Teseen Street, one of the most prestigious streets in the Fifth Settlement, within a short distance of up to 6 minutes.
  • Downtown Cairo: The time distance between the project and downtown Cairo is about 25 minutes.
  • Maadi and Nasr City: Some call the project Taj City Nasr City Compound, due to its close proximity to this area, in addition to the Maadi area, and the project is about 15 minutes away from them.
  • Administrative Capital: From the gates of Taj City New Cairo, you can easily reach the New Administrative Capital within 20 minutes.

Area of ​​Taj City Compound, New Cairo

The construction of Taj City, Fifth Settlement, on a large area was one of the most important priorities of Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company - the real estate developer of the project - in order to give customers complete freedom within their residential units, as well as in order to provide all the facilities and services they need, in a way that gives them a feeling of comfort and reassurance. The area of ​​Taj City New Cairo is as follows:

  • The total areaThe project area was about 900 acres, or approximately 3.6 million square meters.
  • Building areaResidential units of various types took up a small percentage of the project, 18% of the total area.
  • Green spaces and facilitiesService and entertainment facilities and green spaces represented by gardens, trees, and artificial fountains had the upper hand in the total project area, as their percentage reached about 82%.

Taj City Compound services

Distinctive services and various facilities are among the most important considerations that the customer takes into account, and this is the same thing that prompted many to search for the prices of apartments in Taj City Compound and other various units within the project, due to the availability of all the services they dream of, which will not make them need to leave The compound to spend its time, and the most prominent of these services are the following:

  • Security and guarding servicesThe company developing the project contracted a group of security and guard personnel, trained at a high level to deal with all emergency situations, maintain security and order, and protect property and individuals within the project, in addition to the presence of electronic gates. To reveal the identity of those wishing to enter the compound, in addition to surveillance cameras spread everywhere.
  • Restaurants and cafesA group of the most famous local and international brands of food and beverages are spread throughout Taj City New Cairo Compound, which ensures that the customer gets his favorite food or drink, whatever it is, with high-quality service.
  • sports clubPracticing various sports exercises requires some special fields, which is what Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company has already provided within the Taj City Compound, through a sports club on a large area, which includes many different fields, such as football fields, basketball courts, volleyball, basketball, and others. .
  • SchoolsOut of the developer companys concern for the children of the compounds residents, it has provided many educational schools that follow the latest curricula at all. To build a new generation, which would enrich Egyptian life in various aspects.
  • Large garageUnder each residential unit in Taj City New Cairo Compound, there is a large garage, secured with surveillance cameras, that can accommodate a large number of cars, which maintains the general appearance of the compounds streets.
  • Medical centersThe project includes a medical center at the highest level, providing medical services in various specialties, thanks to the availability of a distinguished medical staff, who has the experience that qualifies them to deal with various medical conditions, in addition to the presence of a large pharmacy in Taj City New Cairo, which includes all medicines and medical treatments.
  • HotelsFor lovers of beautiful hotel nights, the project has a number of amazing hotels, whose units overlook the wide green spaces. Hotels within tagcity are classified as five-star, due to the high level of service provided by its employees.
  • BarbecuesThe large space helped provide areas for barbecue parties, including all the tools and equipment that allow spending an enjoyable time with family and friends inside Taj City New Cairo Compound.
  • Conference hallsThere are conference halls designated for holding meetings and conferences. To help businessmen and investors establish agreements and complete various works.
  • Cultural clubThere is a large cultural club in the Taj City New Cairo project, which supervises the holding of cultural seminars, in addition to the presence of designated seating areas inside the club.
  • Paved tracksThere are tracks designated for walking and running, completely away from the car path. To preserve the safety of residents.
  • swimming poolThe compound has many swimming pools of different depths and varying sizes, to suit different age groups.
  • Kids AreaTaking care of children, and making sure they spend a wonderful and enjoyable time, the project has Kids Area, which includes many distinctive entertainment games.

Details of the units within Taj City, Fifth Settlement

Taj City Compound on Suez Road is distinguished by the variety of types, shapes, and spaces of its residential units, in a way that gives the customer the freedom to choose the unit that suits him. The projects design is also distinguished by its optimal use of the large area built on it, and in the following lines, we learn about all the details related to the project.

Types of units within Taj City Compound

The types of residential units within Taj City New Cairo Compound include the following:

  • Apartments.
  • Studios.
  • Townhouse.
  • Stand Alone.

Unit space within Taj City Compound

The residential units within Taj City New Cairo Compound include a different set of spaces suitable for the number of family members, no matter how big or small, and these spaces include the following:

  • Area of ​​residential apartmentsThere are apartments for sale in Taj City, starting from 80 square meters.
  • Studios spaceIts area ranges between 50 and 120 square meters.
  • Townhouse spaceIts area starts from 150 square meters and reaches 160 square meters.
  • Color stand spaceIts area was about 260 square metres.

Unit design in Taj City Compound

The goal of designing the units in Taj City Compound by Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company was to give the client a unique residential experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a place filled with green spaces on all sides, represented by trees and plants, which work to purify The atmosphere, providing a breeze of fresh air.


The project units were also divided in a wonderful way, as the project space was exploited in a way that gave the client freedom of movement within the unit, especially in light of the reliance on a few columns in the design of the units, to take advantage of any empty space, in addition to allowing the clients to enjoy the privacy they need, thanks to Green dividers between each unit.

Taj City stages

The Taj City project includes many different phases, which include many apartments and villas of different sizes and prices. The project included approximately 6 phases, all of which can be described in detail as follows:


1- Clubside stage

The Club Side phase is one of the most recent phases announced in the Taj City project, as it began being announced at the beginning of March 2023. This phase consists of 5 other phases, 4 of which are designated for housing, and the fifth is designated for facilities, represented by clubs, cafes, and others.


The area of ​​the phase was approximately 131,474 square metres, and the most important feature of Taj City apartments in this phase is its distinctive view of the green spaces in the place, as well as the distinctive modern design of the phase, which was done by a group of the most skilled architects.


2- Elect stage

At a height of 9 meters from the compounds land, the Elect Taj City phase was constructed, which includes a different group of independent villas, in addition to the distinctive townhouse units. The total number of units within the phase reached about 300 units, with areas starting from 178 square meters and up to 200 square meters for townhouses, with the possibility of paying a down payment of 5% of the unit price, with the remaining amount being paid in installments over 10 full years.


3- Taj Elephant stage

This phase is called Taj City Compound, First Settlement, because it has two exits, the first on the direct Suez Road, and the second on Al Amal Axis, which is considered close to the First Settlement. The units available within this phase are also villas, but of the twin house type, whose area starts from 200 square meters, in addition to independent villas, whose area ranges between 265 and 275 square meters.


It is worth noting that the area allocated for the construction of this phase did not exceed 10% of the project area, but despite that, it included many areas for high-end residential units.


4- Park Residence stage

The fourth phase of the Taj City Compound is the Park Residence phase, which is distinguished by its architectural designs that are very close to Italian designs, characterized by simplicity, beauty, and luxury, which has prompted many to search for the prices of apartments in the Taj City Compound at this particular phase.


5- Shalya Taj City stage

It is considered one of the famous stages of the project, which is characterized by a quiet residential style, which provides moments of contemplation and relaxation, in light of the spread of green spaces everywhere, in addition to the presence of artificial lakes of different designs, and the spread of many enjoyable means of entertainment.


6- Lake Park stage

This phase is located at a very small distance from the ring road, from which many different areas can be reached. The project also has the largest garden in the Fifth Settlement, which was built on an area of ​​30 square metres, so it is considered an ideal choice for all those looking for apartments for sale. In Taj City Compound, New Cairo.


7- Taj Gardens stage

The seventh phase of the Taj City project covered a not-so-small area, and it was divided so that the green spaces occupied the largest part of it, so as to give its residents the tranquility and comfort necessary to spend the happiest times inside the residential units.


8- Business area stage

From its name, it is a stage in which all facilities serve businessmen, as there is high-speed Internet, which works with 5G technology, in addition to the availability of all modern technological methods. For holding conferences and seminars, therefore, many consider it a suitable work environment for all those wishing to accomplish their work tasks and enjoy upscale and modern housing at the same time.

Taj City prices

It can be said that the prices of the Taj City Compound are a kind of fantasy, as the price per square meter of residential units ranges between 17,500 and 33,000 pounds. As for the prices of the actual units, they can be discussed through the following table:


Studio prices

It ranges between 2,400,000 and 2,800,000 pounds.

Apartment prices

It starts from 4,400,000 pounds, up to 5,700,000 pounds.

Townhouse prices

Townhouse prices reached 8,000,000 pounds.

Stand alone prices

It reached 9,500,000 pounds.

Payment systems and payment methods in Taj City Compound

Taj City New Cairo Compound has the best payment system in the entire Fifth Settlement area, which is what the developing company sought to achieve. In order to lift the financial burden on its customers, it introduced a facilitating system for payment of the unit value, which is as follows:

  • Pay 5% of the unit value as a down payment, and pay the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.

Disadvantages of Taj City

If we look carefully, we may find that the advantages and disadvantages of the Taj City Compound are the same, as they lie in the number of residential units. Some see that they are few, and this prevents many customers from owning a unit such as a penthouse, but others see that it is considered a great advantage, as it is suitable. For a certain category of customers, it also includes many different stages, and many facilities and services are available, so it can be said that the problems of the Taj City Compound are almost non-existent.

Information about the real estate developer of the Taj City Settlement project

It is time to talk about the real estate developer of Taj City New Cairo Compound, which is one of the most important and famous real estate development companies in Egypt, which is Nasr City for Housing and Development.


The company's first appearance was in 1959, and it was listed for trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995. The company was able to develop approximately 40 million square meters of Egyptian land in various regions, and accordingly, it relied on approximately 450 highly qualified and trained teams. ; To implement many distinctive residential projects.

The most prominent projects of Nasr City Housing and Development Company

The most important and prominent projects of Madinet Nasr Housing and Development Company, which helped it write its name in gold among the various real estate companies, other than the Taj City New Cairo Compound, are represented in the following:

  • Taj Sultan Compound New Cairo.
  • Strip Mall Fifth Settlement.
  • Sarai Compound New Cairo.
  • Kavana Lake Compound Mostakbal City.


Finally, after learning all the details related to Taj City, do not wait too long, and book your unit among the best residential compounds, in one of the most wonderful and beautiful magical spots in Egypt, the Fifth Settlement.