azha ain sokhna a distinguished first-class tourist village

Madar Real Estate Development Company has launched Azha Ain Sokhna It is a distinguished, first-class tourist village containing all basic and entertainment services, modern designs, and entertainment venues, while providing tranquility, relaxation, and privacy to spend the most beautiful times with your family and friends.

If you are a nature lover and looking for a life of sophistication and luxury, where bright white sand, bright sun, and stunning landscapes, you will find all of this within...azha sokhna,In addition to the charming panoramic view of the Red Sea coast, characterized by its turquoise waters.


About Azha Compound

Madar Real Estate Development Company has provided you with a safe and ideal haven to enjoy the beauty of nature and life through its latest projects in the Ain Sokhna area.azha ain sokhna، It was designed in a way that makes all its units feature a charming view of the Red Sea beach, in addition to the wide green spaces and artificial lakes that give the project a civilized appearance.


قرية ازها العين السخنة

Location of Azha Ain Sokhna Village

Unique Azha Sokhna Village It has a vital and strategic location, as it is located in kilometer 126 of Cairo, in addition to being close to all main axes and roads, which makes it easy for its customers to reach it from anywhere, and the village is close to the following areas:

  • Cairo International Airport: Cairo International Airport is located just 50 minutes from the village.
  • Ain Sokhna Gates: The distance between the village and the gates of Ain Sokhna is only 11 square kilometers.
  • Tourist villages: Approaching the village of Blumar Stella di MareAzha village.
  • Administrative Capital: The Administrative Capital is located only 15 minutes awayazha ain sokhna.
  • Suez Road: The village is located near the Suez Road.

Area of ​​Azha Ain Sokhna village

Madar Real Estate Development Company has launchedazha sokhnaOn an area of ​​one and a half million square metres, the artificial lakes and green spaces were perfectly distributed within the village. The area of ​​the village is as follows:

  • The total area: The total areaFor Azha Sokhnaaround380 acre.
  • Building areaAn area not exceeding 13% has been allocated for buildings and residential units of the total area of ​​the village.
  • Green spaces and landscapeThe project developer has allocated more than 80% of the total area to green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and various service and entertainment facilities.

Advantages of Azha Sokhna Village

Azha Resort resembles a shining star in the Ain Sokhna area overlooking the Red Sea, which is distinguished by its clear blue waters. Therefore, it is not...azha ain sokhnaIt is an ordinary tourist resort, due to its many features and advantages. The advantages of the resort are as follows:

  • Security servicesThe village provides security services around the clock to all its customers, in order to preserve their safety, privacy, and personal property, through surveillance cameras spread throughout the village, with electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the village.
  • swimming pool: Madar Real Estate Company was keen to be located inAzha SokhnaA suitable number of swimming pools suitable for both children and adults and of different sizes, in addition to covered pools for women.
  • central Park: The company developing the project was keen to have a large central park inside the resort for customers to walk around and provide them with enjoyment and luxury.
  • Spa: The owner company was keen to provide a health resort within the village, with a spa, sauna, and jacuzzi providing various services for those who love tranquility, relaxation, and skin care.
  • Shopping mall: Inside the resort there is a large shopping mall containing international brands of clothing, cosmetics and basic supplies such as bags and shoes, so that customers can spend an enjoyable time shopping.
  • Gyms: Inside the resort there are gyms equipped with the latest equipment, and clients are trained inside them by a group of elite sports trainers, in order to maintain the clients’ physical fitness.
  • Cafes: Inside the village there is a variety of cafes that serve delicious drinks to suit all tastes, in addition to the possibility of drinking your favorite drink and enjoying the turquoise sea water in an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Pharmacies: Within the resort there are pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day to provide the necessary medical supplies and medications to all customers.
  • Private entranceMadar Real Estate Company was interested in being inAzhaA private entrance helps connect customers to the beach, providing them with pleasure and luxury and helping them spend perfect and unforgettable times.
  • Golf Car: The village has established Golf Car to maintain the comfort of customers and help them move easily and conveniently throughout the village.
  • Hotels: located inside the resort Azha Ain Sokhna Hotel, whichIt was rated seven stars for the comfort and luxury it provides to customers, and two hotels were rated five stars and were equipped to the highest level and provide high-end hotel services.

Azha village problems

Azha Village has many countless advantages, but some see that the village’s distance of 50 minutes from Cairo is a disadvantage, but it is not considered a disadvantage because the village enjoys calm and privacy and is far from traffic congestion.

Details of units in azha sokhna

Madar Real Estate Development Company has combined the forces of engineering and architectural creativity inAzha CompoundTo show us a project with integrated pillars and services, with a unique and sophisticated design that suits the modern era, as well as clear and exemplary planning for its implementation according to the latest international standards.

 It became clear to us in AZahi Ain Sokhna Pictures The perfect way to The project was implemented differently to suit all tastes, as the units were divided into various spaces; This is so that the customer can get the unit he desires.

Types of units in Azha Village, Ain Sokhna

IncludesAzha Resort A diverse number of units with different sizes that Madar Real Estate Company was keen to divide in a luxurious and sophisticated manner so that customers could benefit from all of its spaces, which made it the best and first choice for many customers. The units in the resort are as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.

Unit area inazha sokhna

Madar Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide many units withinAzha Ain SokhnaWith different and varied spaces suitable for both small or large families, and enabling customers to spend ideal times and feel comfortable and luxurious, the area of ​​​​the units in the project is as follows:

  • Chalet spacesAzha Ain Sokhna for sale: Chalets space starts from72 Square meters and up to175 Square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces:Townhouse spaces start from 150 And reach175 Square meters.
  • Twin house spaces:The twin house spaces begin from274 Square meters .
  • Independent villa areas: The independent villas have an area of303 Square meters.

Modular design inAzha Village, Ain Sokhna

She cameAzha Village, Ain Sokhna With a sophisticated and distinctive design and a charming view of the Red Sea beach, it is an ideal choice for everyone looking for comfort and relaxation in a place that combines the beauty of nature and luxurious entertainment. Madar Company, the real estate developer of the village, paid attention to the quality of finishing using the finest materials in the designs in order to meet the desires of customers, and the design of the units is In the village are as follows:

  • The village's design was in the form of tiered terraces, allowing all units to have a full view of the sea.
  • There is a private sandy beach in Azha village, 700 meters wide
  • The village's designs are innovative, derived from the European style, for all those looking for...Chalet for rent in Azha, Ain Sokhna.
  • There is azha sokhna hotelIt is special for the village and is intended for Arab and foreign guests, where distinguished services are provided at the highest level.

Azha Ain Sokhna prices

Madar Real Estate Development Company has provided a variety of prices that suit all classes, as well as a range of different prices that suit the various units in the village, with their small and large areas. The unit prices in the village are as follows:



Prices start Prices of Azha Sokhna chalets from4.000.000 fairy


Townhouse prices start from5.500.000 fairy

Twin house

Twin house prices start from10.500.000 fairy.

Independent villas

Prices for standalone villas start from18.111.500 fairy.


Payment systems and payment methods in Azha Sokhna

Company made possible Madar Real Estate Development Many facilities in payment systems and flexible payment plans suitable for all classes, which made customers rush to buy different units in Azha Village, and these systems are as follows:

  • to push 10% An advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments10 Years.
  • to push15% An advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments8 Years.


The owner company azha ain sokhna

Madar Real Estate Development Company has a long and honorable history of achievements in the field of real estate, exceeding 15 years, and is famous for its extensive experience, good reputation, and commitment to quality standards applicable in the field of construction globally. In its projects, the company uses the best and most skilled engineers and consultants, and has hired the company “Barton Willmore.” “To develop the Master Plan and Mixity” in order to develop project designs, and the company always seeks to keep pace with all developments to keep pace with modern designs.

Previous work of the real estate developer of the Azha Sokhna project

Madar Real Estate Development Company has implemented many residential, commercial and tourism projects, and was keen to choose strategic locations for its projects in major cities and important regions, including the Fifth Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, and the North Coast, so that it is easy for customers to reach them from anywhere, and this is a precedent for its work. The company is as follows:

  • Sunrise Sharm El Sheikh hotels.
  • Azha North Coast.

Azha is considered a shining jewel on the land of Ain Sokhna, as it combines the various elements of happiness, including pleasure, luxury, and relaxation, so that you can enjoy a unique summer vacation, spend the most beautiful times with family and friends, take the most beautiful pictures, and create the most beautiful and unforgettable memories.

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