Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative Capital

Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative Capital One of the largest administrative projects established in the New Administrative Capital, this exceptional mall was launched by Brouq Real Estate Development Company, which is responsible for its complete supervision, and its idea was inspired by the nature surrounding it.


                           Terraside Business Park


And it saves you Terraside Business Park A unique shopping experience inside one of the most prestigious malls in the New Administrative Capital, which made it an opportunity on a golden platter for both those wishing to invest and customers who wish to shop.

About Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative Capital

Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative CapitalIt is a huge administrative center that was implemented in the most distinguished areas within the Administrative Capital, which includes many upscale neighborhoods. It is considered an integrated project in terms of its services or facilities, which makes the investor feel a great deal of security and confidence.

Location of Terra Side Business Park

LocatedTerra Side Business Park, New Administrative CapitalIn the most lively and strategic area, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, in the financial and governmental district near the Ministries District, it is also distinguished by its proximity to the main axes, roads, and important landmarks in the Administrative Capital, which makes it easy and convenient to reach.

  • Presidential Palace: Terra Side Business Park is close to the Presidential Palace.
  • The People's Assembly and the Council of Ministers: The project is located near the People's Assembly and the Council of Ministers.
  • Bin Zayed Axis: You can reach Terra Side Mall from Bin Zayed Axis.
  • Egyptian Post Building:Terra Side is located a minute away from the Egyptian Post building.
  • Egyptian Stock Exchange: The mall is located a minute away from the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
  • Al Masa Hotel:LocatedTerraside Business Park Minutes away from Al Masa Hotel.
  • Central Park: Terra Side is located near the Central Park.
  • Iconic tower: The mall is located near the iconic tower.

Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative Capital

The large area over which Terra Side Business Park extends, the Administrative Capital, helped achieve diversity within the units in the mall and provide different spaces that meet the desires of all tastes and suit the nature of the different activities within the mall.

The area of ​​land that Brouq Real Estate Development Company offered was Terraside Business Park It covers 19,000 square meters, and the green area and landscape occupied the largest area of ​​the mall, and the rest was for buildings, and the mall consists of a ground floor and 7 recurring floors.

Features of the Terra Side Business Park project

Brouq Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide all services and that these services be of high quality, in addition to entertainment services. Thus, the company provides all its customers with all their needs and desires within Terraside Business Park، The mall's features are as follows:

  • Health club:Inside the mall there is a health club that includes a gym equipped with the best and latest equipment, a spa equipped with all the necessary equipment, which provides customers with sufficient comfort and enjoyment.
  • Green spacesAll units inside the mall overlook green spaces, in addition to a group of fountains in the middle of the mall, which gives the mall a special charm and beauty.
  • Electric liftsWithin the mall, there are a number of electric elevators to facilitate the process of moving from one building to another for customers, in addition to carrying out regular maintenance on them to maintain customer safety.
  • Electric generatorsThe company developing the project was keen to provide additional generators inside the mall that would operate automatically in the event of a power outage.
  • Air conditionersInside the mall, there are central air conditioners that work to make the temperature appropriate inside the mall, in addition to modern lighting systems to provide customers with a great deal of luxury and comfort.
  • Finishing unitsInside Terra Side Mall, the customer can receive his administrative or commercial unit fully finished or semi-finished according to his personal desire.
  • Recreation areaInside the mall there is an entertainment area that contains all the games for children for their enjoyment and enjoyment.
  • Security system There is a 24-hour security system inside the mall, by providing every place in the mall with modern surveillance cameras to monitor everything that goes on inside it.
  • Big screensThe company that owns the mall was keen to provide large display screens inside it to display advertisements throughout the mall.
  • Restaurants and cafesInside the mall there are restaurants and cafes equipped with the most skilled chefs to provide the most delicious food and drinks with the highest level of service.
  • alarmsThe mall has alarms that operate automatically in the event of fires or any emergency situations in order to maintain the safety of customers.
  • Internet servicesThe company that owns the project was keen to provide fast internet services inside the mall with the aim of facilitating and facilitating work for customers, especially in light of the dependence of many businesses on the internet.
  • Basic servicesAll basic services necessary for customers are available within the mall, including water, sewage, and electricity networks.
  • Walking trails:The developing company took care to provide walking paths inside the mall so that customers could practice walking during breaks from work.
  • Kids Aria: There is a Kids Area inside the mall, which is an area dedicated to children’s games and providing them with fun times. The mall’s role is not limited to providing only marketing services to its customers, but also entertainment services.
  • Maintenance services: The developer was keen to provide regular maintenance and cleaning services throughout the day within all units of the mall.

Unit details inTerraside Business Park

Collecting Terra Side Business Park, New Administrative CapitalAmong the many administrative and commercial units with different designs that were able to satisfy most tastes and meet all customer needs, in addition to the great diversity of unit areas, all of which shared a direct view of 3 main streets, which contributed to attracting many customers to it. .


Types of units in Terra Side Business Park, Administrative Capital

Units suppliedTerraside Business Park By all modern means and devices; In order to provide all customers with all the comfort they dream of, the units within the mall are as follows:

  • Administrative units.
  • Commercial units.

Unit area inTerraside Business Park

Brouq Real Estate Development Company was interested in dividing the units withinTerraside Business Park For Various sizes are compatible with different commercial activities, whether small or large, which makes it distinct from other projects. The unit areas within the mall are as follows:

  • Areas of administrative units:The areas of administrative units start from45 Square meters.
  • Commercial unit spaces:Commercial unit areas start from45 Square meters.

Modular design inTerraside Business Park

UniqueTerraside Business Park  It has many features that made it resemble a small oasis in the heart of the Administrative Capital. The design of the mall was in the European style, which made it characterized by luxury and sophistication. As soon as you enter the mall, you will find the distinctive glass facades that catch your eye, giving you the impression that the mall is a masterpiece.

  • All units inside the mall have a charming view of wide green spaces and artificial lakes that give the units an aesthetic character.
  • Designed Terraside At the hands of a group of the largest experts and consulting engineers, it was designed in the European style with a sophisticated and innovative architectural image.
  • The mall's facades are made of unique glass, giving it a distinctive view and protecting it from sunlight and rain.

Terraside Business Park prices

Brouq Real Estate Development Company wanted to offer a set of unique competitive prices within a projectTerraside Business Park، which cannot be compared to anywhere else, Prices vary according to the unit type and area, which is a golden opportunity for all customers, as unit prices inside the mall start from3.600.000 Egyptian Pound.

Payment systems and payment methods inTerraside Business Park

The presence of various payment options and flexible payment systems from Brouq Real Estate Development Company is one of the most important advantages for all those wishing to invest inTerraside Mall Business Park, It enabled customers to reserve the unit they wanted without paying a large deposit, with the longest payment periods, and without any additional benefitsThe payment systems are as follows:

  • to push 10% Down payment from the total unit price, then I pay the rest 7 Years.
  • to push 15% An advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments over 8 years.
  • Get a discount30% Cash when purchasing the unit.

The company that owns the Terra Side project

Brouq Real Estate Development Company was established In 2020, it is considered one of the leading entities in the field of real estate development, and it always seeks to provide all means of luxury and comfort in the units that it offers for customers, taking into account that the prices are appropriate and do not burden customers with an additional burden.

Brouq Real Estate Development Company placed customer comfort as its first priority and worked hard to meet the needs and desires of customers, which helped it to be one of the best real estate entities in Egypt and gain the trust of a large segment of customers.

Previous work of the real estate developer for a projectTerraside Business Park

She got up Brouq Real Estate Development Company By implementing a variety of projects, which include residential projects and huge malls, the company was able to achieve its goal of excellence and creativity, through its dazzling architectural designs. The company has established a number of projects in various parts of the world, and the company’s previous work is represented by the following, the most important of which are:

  • Cento Business Mall, Administrative Capital.
  • Spark Capital Inside the New Administrative Capital.

UniqueTerra Side Business Park, Administrative CapitalIt has many advantages that make it one of the most important investment areas that must be benefited from. This is due to its vital and strategic location in the middle of the most lively areas in the Administrative Capital in the Financial District, which gives its customers the possibility of being close to all important areas, in addition to its dazzling designs and ideal prices that suit... All possibilities.

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