Resort Silver Sands North Coast with 5% down payment

PrepareSilver Sands North Coast Resort new tourist destination for lovers of the North Coast, especially since it has white sand beaches, stunning landscapes, and a distinctive location, which makes it the best and ideal choice for an unparalleled summer vacation experience accompanied by family and friends.

Ora Real Estate Development Company was able to launch...Silver Sands North Coast Provides the true meaning of luxury and enjoyment, in addition to providing residential units of various sizes that suit the various desires and needs of customers.

AboutSilver Sands North Coast

If you are looking for fun, luxury, and well-being, you will definitely find it here Silver sand project Where the picturesque nature, the distinctive sea with its turquoise waters, and the beautiful green spaces that harmonize with the beach sand in an attractive way, it is a wonderful place in every sense of the word, and Smart View Company was able to make it like a shining star on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.


Village site Silver Sands North Coast

Enjoy Silver Sandness It has a lively and attractive location in the best locations on the North Coast, as it is located at kilometer 222 of the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road, specifically between Almaza Bay and Sidi Heneish, in addition to its proximity to all vital areas and roads, and the resort is close to the following areas:

  • El Alamein City: The distance between the resort and the city of El Alamein is approximately 138 kilometers.
  • Burj Al Arab Airport: The distance between Silver Sands and Borg El Arab Airport is approximately 202 kilometers.
  • Cairo City: The distance between the resort and Cairo is approximately 370 kilometers.
  • Several tourist villages: ApproachingSilver Sands North Coast From Gaia Coast Village, La Vista Village, Fouka Bay, Jefaira Village, El Alamein Marina, Mountain View Resort, and Marassi North Coast Village.

Village areaSilver Sands North Coast

Ora Real Estate Development Company was keen to offer silver Sands North Coast On a large area, it was optimally exploited, and the largest part of it was allocated to the green area, water bodies, and integrated basic and recreational facilities. The remaining space was occupied by construction buildings, and the area of ​​the resort is as follows:

  • The total areaThe total area of ​​the resort is approximately 485 acres.
  • Building area: An area of 20% For buildings and residential units out of the total area of ​​the resort.
  • Green Spaces and Landscape Real Estate Development Company has allocated a percentage80% Of the total area of ​​green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and various service and entertainment facilities.

The village features silver Sands

There are many features that it has silver Sands North Coast for sale in EgyptThis is what drew the attention of customers to obtaining residential units in the resort, which made the resort one of the most important tourism projects that guests flock to, to enjoy the integrated services and benefits provided by the resort, which are as follows:

  • swimming pool: Within the resort, there are a variety of swimming pools distributed evenly throughout the resort, including pools designated for children, and other covered pools designated for women.
  • Wide green spaces The resort contains large green spaces to provide its customers with more comfort and enjoyment by breathing fresh air and achieving calm and relaxation while ensuring the provision of spaces for children’s entertainment.
  • Many hotels and shopping centersThe company that owns the project was keen to provide multiple shopping centers so that their guests could buy all their needs from one place, and also provide them with a comfortable stay in wonderful hotels where they can spend the best times.
  • Golf courses Ora Real Estate Development Company has provided large areas for the golf course so that customers can practice golf in the open air, which is a sport that is beneficial to public health and maintains heart health.
  • Water parksThe company that owns the project was keen to provide water parks due to the various entertainment services they provide, enabling guests to spend a day full of playing and swimming, which helps them obtain a sufficient amount of recreation and enjoyment.
  • A private beach for Women Real Estate Development Company was keen to provide a private beach for women in order to provide them with the necessary privacy, which helps them spend an enjoyable and unforgettable time.
  • Security servicesThe resort provides security services around the clock to maintain the safety and privacy of customers and provide them with the necessary security and security.
  • Walking and running trailsThe resort provides walking and running paths to give customers the opportunity to relax, contemplate the picturesque nature, and breathe fresh air that helps them relax and unwind.
  • Cafes: Inside the resort, there is a variety of cafes that serve delicious drinks to suit all tastes, in addition to the possibility of drinking your favorite drink and enjoying the turquoise sea water in an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Pharmacies: Within the resort, there are pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day to provide the necessary medical supplies and medications to all customers.

Unit details in Silver Sands North Coast

Ora Real Estate Development Company cooperated with a group of...Experts, designers, and consultants in order to design and project Waqamat buffering various units in terms of area and price with the finest architectural designs, so that customers can choose the units that suit them at prices that suit different guests with large or small families.

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Types of units in Sidi Bay North Coast

Includes Silver Sands North Coast Many units of various sizes, which the developer was keen to divide in a luxurious and modern manner so that the customer could benefit from every meter of it, which made it the first and ideal choice for many customers. The units in the resort are as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.

Unit area in Silver Sands North Coast

Ora Real Estate Development Company was interested in designing project unitsSilver Sands North Coast On the latest models And international standards that suit high tastes and lovers of sophistication while ensuring the provision of large and small unit areas to suit all customers. The unit areas in the project are as follows:

  • Chalet spacesChalets space starts from 155 Square meters.
  • Twin house spaces Twin house space starts from 280 Square meters.
  • The villas' spaces are independent areas of ​​independent villas starts from 360 Square meters.

Modular design in Silver Sands North Coast

Designed Silver Sands of the highest quality in cooperation with the largest and most skilled designers and engineers who were chosen by Ora Development and Real Estate Development Company. The company was also keen to provide stunning and wonderful views inside and outside the units with a mixture of colors that inspire calm and serenity. The design of the units in the village is as follows:

  • The village provided large spaces separating the units, whether with green spaces, which is an ideal use of these spaces so that customers get more luxury and enjoyment.
  • The facades of the units are made of modern, double-thick glass to isolate noise and provide a quiet atmosphere for customers.
  • All floors in the units within the resort are made of high-quality ceramic.


PricesSilver Sand North Coast

Made company Ora Development and Real Estate is making a great effort to offer various units in Silver SandsAt ideal prices and within the reach of most classes, in order to maintain their customers, in addition to providing them with various units that vary in price according to their location and specifications. The unit prices in the project are as follows:



Prices start Chalet prices from6.500.000 fairy

Twin house

Twin house prices start from9.500.000 fairy

Independent villas

Prices for standalone villas start from 15.750.000 fairy.


Payment systems and payment methods inSilver Sands North Coast

There are many advantages that are unique to Ora Real Estate Development Company, the most important of which is its installment system, as it provides convenient payment plans and facilities in payment systems to suit all classes, which prompts customers to buy different units in the resort, and these systems are as follows:

  • to push a 5% advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments5 Years.
  • to push a 10advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments for 6 Years.
  • to push 15% advance payment from the total unit price, then the rest is paid in installments over 7 Years.
  • to push 20% Of the total unit price, then pay the remainder in installments for 8 Years.

Prices are constantly changing, to get the latest prices for Silver Sands North Coast units, please contact us.

Owner of the Silver Sands project

PrepareOra Real Estate Development Company It is one of the distinguished and leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market since its founding by Naguib Sawiris and is distinguished by its extensive experience in this field. The company makes every effort to maintain international quality standards in all its projects, which has made it a strong competitor with major companies locally and internationally.


Previous work as the real estate developer for a project on Sands North Coast

Ora Real Estate Development and Investment Company was keen to do its utmost to be a distinctive mark in the minds of its customers and sought to combine modern designs and luxury in all its units in order to suit all its customers from the elite of society. The company’s precedent is represented in the following:

  • New Solana Zayed Compound.
  • Pyramids Hills Compound, 6 October.
  • Zed Towers, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Zed East Compound, New Cairo.
  • Nile City Towers.
  • Zed Strip Mall, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Marsa Ayia Napa project in Cyprus.
  • Silver Sands Resort on the island of Grenada.
  • The Eighteen Project in Pakistan.
  • Ayia Napa Hotel in Cyprus.

UniquenessSilver Sands North Coast With beauty and splendor of European-style architectural designs, it also suits the coastal atmosphere, as customers of this village are able to spend unique and unforgettable holidays and summer times, amid the charming nature and an atmosphere full of peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

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