Marseilia Beach 5 North Coast

Don't you want to spend a wonderful summer vacation?! Didn't you dream of some calm and separation from the hustle and bustle of the city?! There is no doubt that you have been exhausted searching for a resort that combines all basic and entertainment services, but you have not found your suitable place, so let us introduce you to Marseille Beach Village 4 on the North Coast.

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast

The village is considered an extension of a series of projects bearing that name, which started from Marseille Beach 1, and ended - so far - at Marseille Beach 5, but this resort remains the most prominent among the other resorts.


This distinction is due to the various shapes of the units and their huge spaces, which can accommodate the largest number of people. It also includes all the services that anyone would like to obtain, in addition to the wonderful project prices, and the payment and installment system available. All of the above made this project the perfect choice for many.


Location of Marseille Beach Village 4, North Coast

The ideal location is considered the first attraction for customers and investors. Therefore, the real estate developer responsible for developing Marseille Beach Village 4 was keen to choose a distinguished location for the project. The choice was focused on the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, specifically at kilometer 124 on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh road, so that it would be close to the following landmarks:

  • the cities: The resort is close to the city of Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, and New Alamein.
  • West of El AlameinThe distance between it and the resort is about 24 square kilometers.
  • CairoThe village is about 60 minutes away from the capital city by car.
  • MHe flew to Burj Al Arab and El Alamein Airport: Both airports and Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast are separated by a short distance.
  • Nearby villagesThe village is about 2 kilometers away from Marassi Misr, and it is also located within walking distance of Hacienda Bay North Coast, Zahra North Coast, and Bow Island North Coast.

Marseille Beach project area 4

Marseille Beach was developed over a large area, and included many units, facilities, basic and recreational services. For an unforgettable residential and summer experience, the resort’s area was divided as follows:

  • The total areaThe total area of ​​the project was about 140 acres.
  • Building areaThe building area in general reached approximately 22% of the total area of ​​the project
  • green areasThe largest share of the total project area was for green spaces and landscaping, which reached about 78% of the total area.
  • length of the beach: The village extends along a beach of about 650 square meters
  • Beach depthThe depth of the beach on which the village extends has reached about 950 square metres.
  • Area of ​​villas and chalets: Yugof theChalets for sale in Marseille Beach 4 at amazing prices were built on an area that amounted to approximately only 15% of the total project area, while villas and palaces had the upper hand in the project area, as their percentage reached 85%.

Features of Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast

The village is distinguished by many features and services, which are mixed with green spaces and wonderful artificial water fountains, in order to achieve a unique experience for customers. These services and features are as follows:

  • Huge mallWithin the project there is a commercial center with a great degree of sophistication and luxury. It carries among its sides many shops for the most famous international brands. There is also a hypermarket, which has all the supplies that residents need in their daily lives.
  • Restaurants and cafes: It is located inside the corridorsMarseilia Beach 4 North Coast A group of international restaurants and cafes, offering delicious food and drinks.
  • Kids AreaThe real estate developer was interested in entertaining children, so he built Kid Aria on a large area, which includes many fun entertainment games.
  • Swimming poolsAmong the green spaces are scattered swimming pools of different shapes and sizes. To be a haven for many residents on very hot days.
  • Beauty centers: The resort includes beauty centers for men and women, which provide high-quality service, through a highly experienced and efficient beauty staff.
  • Big mosqueA mosque was built on a large area, designed in the high Islamic style, and can accommodate a large number of worshipers.
  • security serviceSecurity and safety are one of the factors that customers are most looking for, and this is what is provided within Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast. A group of security personnel has been provided, working to protect individuals and property within the community, in addition to modern electronic gates and advanced surveillance cameras.
  • Walking tracksFor everyone who wants to enjoy the fresh, fresh air amid the green spaces, there are several tracks designated for walking, running, and cycling in the early morning.
  • Party placesFamily gatherings need spacious places to hold various parties, and therefore specific spaces were provided within the project, equipped with all special tools for holding many parties and events, such as barbecue parties, birthday parties, and others.

Details of the units within the Marseilia Beach 4 project

Marseilia Real Estate Development Company was keen to implement Marseille Beach North Coast in the style of international European designs, so it began implementing the project in 3 different stages. The first phase included units that were fully completed and deliveredThe second phase included one-room chalets, with areas starting from 80 square metres. The third phase included chalets with an area starting from 110 square meters.

Types of units in the Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast project

The resort was not limited to chalets only, but included a diverse number of summer and residential units, through which the customer can choose what suits his needs. The types of units are as follows:

  • Chalets.
  • Independent villas.
  • Fault.

Unit area within Marseille Beach 4 Coast

Enjoyment and luxury are associated with the amount of space or spaciousness that the customer feels inside his unit. Therefore, Marseille Beach Company was keen to provide these units with different and varied sizes, to include the following:

  • Twin villaThe space of a twin villa starts from a minimum of 185 square metres, and a maximum ranges between 210 and 290 square metres.
  • Independent villasThe area of ​​independent villas starts from 410 square meters and reaches 516 square meters.
  • PalacesThe area of ​​the palaces was about 600 square meters insideMarseilia Beach 4 North Coast.

Design of units within the Marseille Beach 4 project

The development of the work in Marseille Beach 4 has reached the point where the units of the third phase are close to being completed, after the units of the first phase were exhausted and the units of the second phase were completed. The design of the units within the various stages of the project was extremely beautiful and distinctive, as follows:

  • The units within the Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast project are designed to make you feel distinct and luxurious. Modern designs surround all units, and the real estate developer took care to remove the columns from inside the unit. To give more space and breadth to customers.
  • The units’ finishes are Super Luxe and Ultra Super Luxe, with the finest types of raw materials and building materials, as well as the paint colors were chosen to be compatible with the surrounding environment.
  • The units within the project overlook the picturesque landscape, in addition to units that have a direct view of the swimming pools and artificial water fountains.
  • Marseille Beach 4 palaces and villas have their own swimming pools, in addition to gardens and artificial water fountains that can be seen directly from the windows of these units.

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast project prices

Marseille Company began to overcome all the obstacles facing customers to purchase a summer resort unit in the project, by offering appropriate prices for the units, and these prices included the following:


The price of a chalet in Marseille Beach 4 starts from 2,250,000 pounds and reaches 3,750,000 pounds.

Detached villas

Prices of detached villas reached a minimum of 5,500,000 pounds and reached 20,000,000 pounds.


Palace prices reached 25,000,000 pounds

Installment and payment systems for Marseilia Beach 4 Coast Resort

To complement the features and facilities provided by Marseille Company to its customers, it has introduced an easy and convenient payment system, enabling all customers to own one of the project’s distinctive units. This system is represented in the following:

  • Pay 20% down payment of the total unit price, and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 6 years without interest.

Marseille Beach 4 North Coast problems

The company developing the project was able to overcome the problems and shortcomings of Marseille Beach1, which is the small number of residential and summer units within the project, as many diverse residential units have been developed, ranging from palaces, villas, and chalets.

The real estate developer of the Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast project

The company responsible for Marseille Beach 4 village is the well-known Marseille Real Estate Development Company, which has opened a series of projects bearing its name since its debut in 2001, which started from Marseille Beach 1, through Marseille Beach 2 and Marseille Beach 3, all the way to this project.


Marseille Company has presented its credentials within the real estate market as one of the large companies with extensive experience, relying on its distinguished staff in all fields, design, engineering, consulting, etc. All of this under the leadership of a board of directors with a great degree of experience and competence.


Marseille Company raised the slogan of quality and put the customer’s interest in mind, and it built many projects that had the highest say in achieving sales that exceeded all expectations, and outperformed other projects, so that the company wrote its name in letters of gold in real estate circles, not only Egyptian, but international. .

Previous work of Marseille company

Marseilia was able to build many successful projects, through which the company was able to build a wall of trust with its customers. These projects can be summarized as follows:

  • Golden Yard Compound, Administrative Capital.
  • Cascadia Village North Coast.
  • Blue Bay Asia Village Sokhna.
  • Marseilia Mall North Coast.
  • Marseille Beach 1 North Coast.
  • Marseille Beach Village 2, North Coast.
  • Marseilia Beach Resort 3 North Coast.


In the end, it can be said that Marseille Beach Village 4 North Coast is the only haven for a wonderful summer experience, characterized by tranquility, luxury and tranquility. All you have to do is callMarseille Village House phone numberش٤; Book your favorite unit now.