Haptown Hassan Allam Compound An integrated residential complex

Prepare Haptown Hassan Allam Compound An integrated residential complex that allows you to live the luxury life you deserve by owning a unit in it. You will find everything you dream of in one place, while providing tranquility, relaxation and privacy for all customers.

Investing in New Cairo attracts many who plan to obtain units that suit their desires and needs in terms of space, price, and dazzling designs, in addition to the availability of all of this in an upscale area with integrated basic and entertainment services in haptwon hassan allam .

About Haptown Mostakbal City Compound

Prepare projectHaptown Mostakbal City One of the latest projects of Hassan Allam Real Estate Company in Mostaqbal City, New Cairo, the project is distinguished by its wonderful designs with the latest architectural styles, and contains diverse and impressive residential units, making it the first choice for all clients, which is difficult to compare to any other project.



Location of Hap Town Hassan Allam Compound

Enjoy Hap Town Compound With a lively and attractive location in the middle of Mostakbal City in New Cairo, which is one of the elegant and upscale places, in addition to its proximity to all the main and vital areas and roads, the compound is close to the following areas:

  • Mohammed bin Zayed Axis:The compound is located 8 minutes away from Mohammed bin Zayed Axis, which connects the New Administrative Capital to New Cairo, making it easy for customers to reach the compound from anywhere.
  • Cairo International Airport: The compound is located 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • AFor Downtown in the New Administrative Capital: The distance between the compound and Downtown in the New Administrative Capital is only about 10 minutes.
  • American University:The compound is located 20 minutes from the American University.
  • Sunrise City: The compound is located 15 minutes from Shorouk City.
  • Family Park: HAP Town Compound is located 15 minutes away from Family Park.
  • Rehab City: The compound is located 20 minutes from Al Rehab City.
  • Al Masa Hotel:The compound is located 10 minutes from Al Masa Hotel.

Area of ​​Hap Town Hassan Allam Compound

Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company has launchedhaptown mostakbal city On a vast area of ​​176 thousand square meters, in order to accommodate a large number of units, the vast green area, basic and recreational services, gardens, parks, and artificial lakes, and thus this area contributes to providing a quiet and distinctive atmosphere where the fresh, clean air is far from pollution, and the area of ​​the compound is as follows:

  • The total area: The total area ofHub Townaround250 acre.
  • Building area: The owning company allocated a percentage20% Of the total area of ​​the project for buildings and residential units.
  • Green spaces and landscapeThe area allocated to gardens and green spaces is estimated at80% of the total area of ​​the compound, which allowed the provision of many entertainment services.

Features of the Hap Town project

Hassan Allam Real Estate Development Company always seeks to choose the locations of its projects in the best vital areas, making them close to all facilities, services, roads and axes. The company was keen to provide a variety of basic and entertainment services that meet the desires and needs of all customers, which made it difficult to compare the project. Like other neighboring resorts, the project’s advantages are as follows:

  • Restaurants and cafesThere are various restaurants and cafes within the compound that serve delicious dishes and international cuisine, and provide hotel services at the highest level and with the best quality.
  • Security systemThe compound provides a 24-hour security system for all its residents, to maintain their safety, privacy, and personal property, through surveillance cameras spread throughout the compound, with electronic gates at the entrances and exits of the Hap Town Compound.
  • Clinics and medical centersThere are many clinics and medical centers spread throughout the compound, which are equipped with the latest medical devices and equipment and provide health care to customers at the highest level, in addition to distributing ambulances throughout the compound, and providing analysis and x-ray laboratories.
  • Private garages: There are many garages inside the compound to avoid overcrowding and congestion in front of the residential units.
  • Pharmacies:Within HAP Town, there are pharmacies that operate around the clock to provide the necessary medical supplies and medications to all customers to ensure their comfort and maintain their health.
  • Shopping malls: Hap Town Compound provides all its customers with shopping centers containing the most famous brands, international brands, and all cosmetics for women, so that they can buy all their needs from one place without having to leave the compound.
  • swimming pool: Hassan Allam Real Estate Company was keen to be located inHub TownAn appropriate number of swimming pools suitable for both children and adults and of different sizes.

Unit details in haptwon hassan allam

There are a variety of residential compounds surroundinghaptwon hassan allam، But it has unique characteristics that make it distinct from others in terms of comfort and relaxation, in addition to being a project with integrated components, basic and recreational services that allow all its customers to live a life of luxury and well-being.

Types of units inHaptown Hassan Allam Compound

The importance of the New Cairo area increases with the passage of time due to its proximity to the Administrative Capital and all vital areas, in addition to the wonderful weather there throughout the year. Therefore, Hassan Allam Investment and Real Estate Development Company was keen to launch the Hap Town Compound there, which is an integrated residential complex where there isApartments for sale in Hub Town At competitive prices that cannot be compared to others, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone who wants to spend happy and ideal times. The types of units in the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Duplex.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.

Unit area inhaptwon hassan allam

Hassan Allam Investment and Real Estate Development Company was interested in designing the unitsHaptown Mostakbal City In the wonderful modern architectural style and international standards that suit high tastes, it consists of luxury apartments and villas of different sizes to suit all customers. The area of ​​the units in the project is as follows:

  • Apartment spaces:Starting from 99 and up to 225 square meters.
  • Duplex spaces:Duplex areas start from 280 square meters.
  • Townhouse spaces:Townhouse areas start from 240 to 306 square meters.
  • Twin house spaces: Twin house areas start from 306 square meters.
  • Independent villa areas: Independent villa areas start from 240 square meters.


Modular design in haptown mostakbal city

Hassan Allam Real Estate Company is famous for its projects having a unique character, which was clearly evident in Hap Town.Who enjoysIt has many advantages that made it resemble a small oasis in the heart of New Cairo, which made it the ideal choice for many families to enjoy comfortable and suitable housing. The design of the units is as follows:

  • Hassan Allam Company has cooperated with...CallisonRTKL In designing residential apartments, I cooperated with a companyAlchemy In designing villas.
  • All units within the compound feature a direct view of the artificial lakes, fountains, and vast green spaces.
  • The units are designed to be far from each other to allow the compound residents more privacy.
  • The exterior facades of the residential units are designed in cheerful colors that match the construction.


HAP Town project prices

Prices vary perHassan Allam projects According to the type of units and their spaces, with the availability of exquisite finishing of the units, and designs that mimic international designs, which makes comparing the compound to others very difficult, and the prices of the units in the compound are as follows:



Apartment prices start from2.500.000 fairy

Apartments with garden

Prices for apartments with garden start from3.450.000 fairy


Payment system and payment methods inhaptwon Hassan Allam

One of the most important features of Hassan Allam Investment and Real Estate Development Company is its installment system, as it provided convenient payment plans and facilities in payment systems to suit all classes, which prompted customers to buy different units in Hap Town Compound, and these systems are as follows:

  • to push 5% Advance from the total unit price, then pay10% After 3 months, then pay the remaining amount in installments8 Years.
  • to push10% An advance payment from the total unit price, then the remaining amount is paid in installments8 Years.

The company that owns the Hap Town project

Hassan Allam Company for Investment and Real Estate Development is one of the most important leading companies in the field of real estate in the Egyptian market since its inception in 1936. It has a good reputation among customers, and always seeks to provide residential complexes with integrated amenities and services, at competitive prices in order to allow its customers to purchase any unit they dream of.


Previous work of the real estate developer of the White Residence project

Hassan Allam Real Estate Company has made every effort to be a distinctive mark in the minds of its customers, and has sought to combine modern designs and luxury in all its units in order to suit all of its customers from the elite of society. The company’s precedent is represented in the following:

  •  Shorouk Springs Hassan Allam Compound.
  • Ivry New Cairo project.
  • Giselle Swan Lake New Cairo.
  • Little Venice Jaz Village, Ain Sokhna.
  • Swan Lake North Coast.
  • Swan Lake Compound, 6 October.
  • The Phoenix Mostakbal City Compound.
  • Park View Hub Town Mostaqbal.
  • Park View Katameya project.
  • Seasons Residence Compound.
  • Swan Lake Compound, First Settlement
  • One Thousand Nubian Houses Project in Aswan, Egypt.
  • Nile Bridge, International Coastal Road.

PrepareHap Town Hassan Allam CompoundIt is one of the most important projects of Madar Investment and Real Estate Development Company, which was keen to provide everything that is contemporary and modern in terms of architectural designs or basic and entertainment services in an upscale community that enjoys a culture of luxury, at moderate prices that suit different classes.