Hacienda Bay North Coast Village

Hacienda Bay North Coast Village is one of the most beautiful villages and international tourist resorts in Egypt, where one can spend a summer vacation that includes a feeling of calm, comfort, entertainment, and relaxation, thanks to a variety of services, benefits, and facilities, working together in a harmonious manner. To provide the best customer experience.

About Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort

Hacienda Bay North Coast Village has all the elements that make it a global village, as it is located in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area on the coast. It also provides several types of residential units, such as chalets and villas of various types, with areas starting from 115 square meters and up to 353 square meters. In addition to providing affordable prices, payment systems that start with a 10% down payment, and a repayment period of up to 8 full years.

Location of Hacienda Bay North Coast Village

The distinguished location is one of the main attractions that everyone who wants to live a distinctive and quiet life is looking for, and that is what the real estate developer of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project was keen on, as he chose the Sidi Abdel Rahman area to be the location of the resort, specifically at kilometer 200 on the Alexandria/Matrouh Road, which Making it close to many vital areas, including:

·       El Alamein City AirportIt is about 15 minutes away from Hacienda Bay North Coast Village.

·       Marsa Matrouh: The distance between the city and the resort is about 60 minutes.

·       CairoThe capital city is about 265 kilometers away from the project.

·       World War II Museum: It can be reached from the village in just 10 minutes.

Area of ​​the Hacienda Bay North Coast project

The real estate developer responsible for developing Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort excelled in exploiting the project’s space, in a way that helped him provide different and diverse types of residential and summer units, with varying sizes, and countless services. The project area was divided as follows:

·       The total areaThe total area of ​​Hacienda North Coast was about 593 acres, equivalent to 2.4 million square meters.

·       Building areaThe percentage of buildings and facilities within the village amounted to only about 25% of the total area of ​​the project, which is equivalent to approximately only 550 thousand square kilometers.

·       Green spaces and landscapeThe largest share of the project area was for green spaces, landscaping, and all other recreational services, at a rate of 75%.

Services and features of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project

The large area of ​​Hacienda Bay North Coast Village has helped provide a variety of the most important basic and entertainment services, which ensure that the owners live a unique life and an unforgettable summer experience. Among the most prominent services within Hacienda Bay North Coast Village are the following:

·       Security and protectionThere is a strict security system inside the resort, consisting of a group of security personnel trained at the highest level, in addition to surveillance cameras that operate daily, 24 hours a day, in addition to electronic gates, which prevent entry after verifying the identity of passers-by.

·       Restaurants and cafesThe village includes an area designated for the most famous cafés and restaurants, which serve local and international meals as well, as well as providing the best hot and cold drinks as well.

·       social ClubThe project includes a huge social club, through which many social activities can be practiced, and through which the owners can get to know each other and establish distinctive social relationships.

·       sports clubHacienda Bay North Coast Resort includes a large-area sports club, suitable for those interested in practicing various sports, such as football, tennis, and others, in addition to a gym, which contains the latest sports equipment and devices.

·       medical servicesHacienda Bay North Coast has a medical center with a high level of equipment and efficiency, which includes multiple medical specialties, in addition to a pharmacy, operating 24 hours a day, providing all medicines, treatments and medical supplies, and providing home delivery service.

·       Swimming poolsSwimming pools of various shapes and sizes are spread within the village, and they are distributed in a way that allows all units to overlook them.

·       Golf course: For high-end sports enthusiasts; The real estate developer was interested in providing a golf course, which extended over an area of ​​about 672 square meters, and had approximately 18 holes.

·       Mosque and church: As the real estate developer was keen to hold religious rituals for all sects, a mosque and a large church were built, capable of accommodating a large number of worshipers.

·       International hotelThe project includes a large hotel, offering the highest level of hotel services, for those who enjoy spending some special hotel nights.

·       Kids AreaIn the interest of children and to develop their skills, a games area has been allocated, which includes many distinctive games, and is distinguished by being secured by many surveillance cameras and security personnel.

·       GaragesIn order to protect the general view of Hacienda Bay North Coast Village, and prevent congestion in the resort’s streets, more than one dedicated parking garage has been provided, capable of accommodating the largest number of cars belonging to owners and visitors.

Details of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project

The real estate developer of Hacienda Bay North Coast was focused on the comfort of customers, and how to attract their attention to this upscale project, which prompted them to allocate a large area of ​​land to build the project, and to divide it in a way that allowed the provision of many services and features.


Not only that, but the real estate developer provided different types of residential units, with varying sizes and prices, to ensure the achievement of sufficiency and the hopes and ambitions of customers, with regard to dream housing, and in the following lines an explanatory explanation of the types of units, their areas, design, as well as their prices.

Types of units in Hacienda Bay Resort

The types of units within the project are different and varied. So that customers have the opportunity to choose the unit that suits them, the most prominent of these units are the following:

·       Chalets.

·       Twin house.

·       Townhouse.

·       Independent villas.

Unit space in Hacienda Bay North Coast project

The diversity was not limited only to the shape of the residential units within Hacienda Bay North Coast, but also included the areas of the units. In order to suit small and large families as well, the unit sizes are as follows:

·       Chalet spaceThere are chalets for sale in Hacienda Bay North Coast, their areas start from 115 square meters.

·       Twin house spaceThe area of ​​the twin house was about 399 square meters.

·       Area of ​​independent villasThe area of ​​independent villas starts from 353 square meters.

Design of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project

The Hacienda Bay North Coast project was designed in a unique way, as the real estate developer was keen to divide the project into several stages, each stage having its own units, and these stages were as follows:

Bay Residence stage

This phase was designed to include chalets, which vary in size starting from 115 square meters, up to 266 square meters, and usually consists of a ground floor and 4 other floors, which made the prices of chalets in Hacienda Bay somewhat high, but they are affordable compared to the features available inside. This stage.

Water Villas stage

This stage is specifically designated for villas of various types, with areas starting from 353 square metres. It is suitable for families that include a large number of individuals. It is also suitable for those who love barbecuing and holding night parties, which adds more fun to the atmosphere.

Le Sidi Cabance stage

It is the third phase of the Hacienda Bay North Coast project, and it is unique with many wonderful services and features. The reason for giving it this name is due to the presence of a large number of cabins of different sizes, which made Hacienda prices characterized by a lot of diversity and competitiveness.

Hacienda Bay North Coast Village prices

There is more than one chalet for sale in Hacienda Bay North Coast, with an average price per square meter reaching 16,750 pounds. As for villas, the price per square meter for independent villas ranges between 25,000 and 55,000 pounds. In the following table we show the prices of townhouses and twin houses:


Townhouse prices

Starting from 2,100,000 pounds, up to 7,500,000 pounds

Twin house prices

It amounted to about 6,000,000 pounds

Installment and payment systems in Hacienda Bay Village

In continuation of the advantages provided by the company developing the Hacienda Bay North Coast project, and its offering of a range of prices that are difficult to obtain compared to the North Coast prices of other units and resorts, it also provided flexible installment systems, which facilitated the process of owning a unit in Hacienda Bay North Coast, and these systems are as follows :

·       First system: Pay a down payment of 25% of the total unit price, and pay the remaining amount in installments over two years, with immediate receipt.

·       The second system: Pay 10% down payment of the unit price, and pay the remaining amount in equal installments over 8 years.

The real estate developer of Hacienda Bay Al Sahel Village

The emergence of Hacienda Bay North Coast Village is due to Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the well-known companies in the field of real estate development, which has been able to make its way from 2005 to the present day, through a huge group of service and residential investments, amounting to... Its value is about 300 million pounds.

Previous work of the real estate developer of Hacienda Bay North Coast

Palm Hills Company has gained the credibility and trust of its customers thanks to the giant projects it supervised its development. The most prominent of these projects are the following:

·       Hacienda White North Coast Resort.

·       Palm Hills Compound 6 October.

·       Badya 6th of October Compound.

·       The Crown 6th of October Compound.

·       Palm Hills Alexandria project.

·       Palm Hills New Alamein project.

·       Palm Hills Katameya Compound.

·       Lakeyard North Coast Resort.


To summarize the above, it can be said that Hacienda Bay North Coast Village is one of the international tourist villages, because it possesses distinctive features, the most important of which is the location close to many main areas, the diversity of the units and their spaces, providing many basic and recreational features and services at the highest level, and finally offering prices. Flexible payment systems make owning a resort unit accessible to all customers.