Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative Capital

Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative Capital,It is one of the integrated residential projects located in the New Administrative Capital, which was able to achieve distinction and uniqueness thanks to its vital location and dazzling designs.

If you want to create a life called happiness, you must make a choice al maqsad new capital, which is being offered by City Edge Real Estate Development Company, in one of the most important modern areas of the New Administrative Capital, in addition to containing various basic and entertainment services, which makes it an exceptional residential project compared to other projects.

An overview of Al Maqsad Al Shorouk Compound

Prepare  The destination is City Edge It is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things presented by City Edge Real Estate Development Company in the New Administrative Capital, and this is due to its ability to provide an upscale, quiet, stable, unconventional life, with an attractive strategic location, units of various sizes that suit all tastes, dazzling designs, and high-quality finishes.


كمبوند المقصد العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Location of Al Maqsad Compound, Administrative Capital

When looking atMap of Al Maqsad CompoundWe find that City Edge Real Estate Company was able to choose a vital and strategic location for the compound in the most lively areas of the Administrative Capital in the R3 area, plot D4-D5, which is close to the government district, which contains a number of ministries, international universities, and the presidential palace, in addition to its proximity to important areas and roads. The main themes are as follows:

  • green river: The compound is located just 5 minutes from the Green River.
  • Regional ring road:The distance between the compound and the regional ring road is very short.
  • sport City: The compound is located 5 minutes from Sports City.
  • Financial and business district: LocatedAl Maqsad CompoundClose to the financial and business district.
  • Smart city and academic city: The compound is located 5 minutes from Smart City and Academic City.
  • New Cairo and Fifth Settlement: The compound is located 20 minutes from Fifth Settlement and New Cairo.
  • Several methods and axes: It is possible to reach the compound within minutes via Sheikh Zayed Axis, South Mostaqbal Axis, Cairo-Suez Road, and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road.

Area of ​​Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative Capital

City Edge Real Estate Development Company was keen to implement al maqsad new capital On a huge area, so that there is a variety of residential units of different sizes, and so that you can create a large number of recreational facilities such as water bodies represented by artificial lakes that were distributed in the compound in an ideal way with green spaces, which gave a sophisticated and luxurious character to all the units of the compound, and they are The compound area is as follows:

  • The total areaThe total area of ​​the compound is estimated at approximately211 acre.
  • Building area: An area of20% For buildings and residential units out of the total area of ​​the compound.
  • Green spaces and landscapeThe developer company allocated a percentage to the project80% Of the total area of ​​green spaces, landscaping, artificial lakes, and various service and entertainment facilities.

Features of Al Maqsad Compound

Obtaining a residential unit inal maqsad new capitalAn opportunity on a golden platter, due to its ability to achieve uniqueness and distinction thanks to its vital location and sophisticated designs, which are difficult to compare with any other compound. The advantages of the compound are as follows:

  • Cafes: It is located inside the compound A variety of cafes serve the most delicious drinks to suit all tastes, in addition to the possibility of drinking your drink in a quiet atmosphere that helps you relax.
  • parking:There is spacious parking within the compound, which can accommodate the largest number of customers’ cars. In order to avoid overcrowding and congestion in front of the residential units and to provide the necessary calm for customers.
  • Security services: The compound provides 24-hour security services to maintain the safety of customers through an integrated guard crew, surveillance cameras that monitor all movements inside the compound, and electronic gates that have a facial fingerprint.
  • Relaxation and picnic areas:The company that owns the project was keen to provide designated areas for relaxation in Al Maqsad Compound so that customers can sit there and practice yoga to relieve tension and pressure and obtain the necessary relaxation for them, with dedicated reading places for those who love reading.
  • Gyms:Within the compound there are gyms equipped with the latest equipment, and clients are trained inside them by a group of elite sports trainers, in order to maintain their physical fitness.
  • Mosque: City Edge Real Estate Company was keen to provide a large mosque within the compound that was designed in the modern Islamic style and has a large area to accommodate a large number of worshipers to perform Islamic rituals.
  • Kids Aria: Inside the Kids Aria Compound, there is an area designated for children that contains their favorite games to entertain them and help them develop their creative skills while maintaining their security and safety.
  • Walking and running trails: The company that owns the project has provided walking and running paths to give the residents of the compound an opportunity to relax, contemplate the picturesque nature, and breathe fresh air that helps relax and unwind.

Details of units in al maqsad new capital

He provides Al Maqsad R3 CompoundA number of diverse real estate units that suit the different purposes of customers, as the units come in various sizes and are characterized by modernity, as each part of the units has a distinct character and is different from other units in the neighboring residential complexes.

Types of units inAl Maqsad Compound, New Administrative Capital

City Edge, the real estate developer  For Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative CapitalIt provides various units of different sizes, in line with different segments of society. The compound consists of two residential areas, the first allocated to classical buildings in design, and the second dedicated to modern design. The units in the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.
  • Independent villas.

Unit space in al maqsad new capital

She camePictures of Al Maqsad Compound Show us the perfect way The project was implemented differently to suit different tastes, as the units were divided into various spaces; This is so that the customer can get the unit he desires. The area of ​​the units in the project is as follows:

Apartment spaces: Apartment areas start from111 Square meters.

Townhouse spaces: Townhouse spaces start from314 And reach me 424 Square meters.

Twin house spaces: Twin house spaces start from and380 And reach me570 Square meters.

Independent villa areas: Independent villa areas start from350  And reach me400 Square meters.

Modular design in Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative Capital

The architectural design is in the ideal and comfortable European style forAl Maqsad Al Shorouk Compound The first thing City Edge Real Estate paid attention to is that the décor of the units in the compound is modern and modern. The design of the units in the compound is as follows:

  • City Edge Company designed the facades in the first area of ​​the compound according to the approach of Egyptian architecture, which is characterized by authenticity and elegant classic colors.
  • The second area of ​​the compound was designed with modern facades that suit people with contemporary taste.
  • The units are designed in a luxurious European style for those looking for... Townhouse in Al Maqsad Compound.

Al Maqsad Compound prices

Prices vary within the village according to the type and area of ​​the unit, and according to the economic variables that affect the real estate market in general. Unit prices are: The destination is City EdgeBelow:



Apartment prices start from2.605.000 fairy


Townhouse prices start from5.800.000 fairy

Twin house

Twin house prices start from7.100.000 fairy

Independent villas

Prices for standalone villas start from9.900.000 fairy


Payment systems and payment methods inal maqsad new capital

There are many advantages that are unique to City Edge Real Estate Development Company, the most important of which is its installment system, as it provided convenient payment plans and facilities in payment systems to suit all classes, which prompted customers to turn to buyingApartments for sale in Al Maqsad CompoundThese systems are as follows:

  • to push5% Down payment, then pay 10% after 3 months, then pay the remaining amount in installments3 Years.
  • to push5% Down payment, then pay 10% after 3 months, then pay the remaining amount in installments5 Years.
  • to push5% Down payment, then pay 10% after 3 months, then pay the remaining amount in installments7 Years.

Disadvantages of Al Maqsad Compound

If you try to look for flawsal maqsad new capital,You will only find advantages that you will not find in any new residential complex in terms of its vital strategic location close to the old and new cities. However, some find its only drawback to be its distance from the city center, but the monorail has facilitated this problem.


The company that owns Al Maqsad R3 Compound

Real estate developer for Al Maqsad Compound, New Administrative CapitalCity Edge Real Estate Development Company, one of the largest leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, is famous for its good reputation among clients, its accuracy in implementation, and the delivery of projects on time. Its projects are characterized by a combination of elegance and sophistication, in addition to its interest in applying international standards in designs.


Previous work of the real estate developer of Al Maqsad City Edge project

City Edge Real Estate Development Company has implemented a large number of projects in many important areas, ensuring that transportation to and from its projects is easy and smooth. The company’s previous work is as follows:

  • North Edge Towers, New Administrative Capital.
  • Zahia Towers in New Mansoura City.
  • Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Mazarine New Alamein Compound.
  • Downtown project in New Alamein City.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • New Alamein Towers Project.
  • Barouk Compound, New Administrative Capital.


PrepareAl Maqsad Compound, New Administrative CapitalA mixture of Luxury and natural beauty, it is also considered a breakthrough in the New Administrative Capital area, as all its details are vibrant with its modern designs that offer a lifestyle full of luxury, and its décor that suits those with good taste.